Te Mata Garlic Limited is a family business based outside Havelock North, on the lower slopes of the famous Te Mata Peak.

We are fourth generation Hawkes Bay horticulturists, who have selected and bred the unique, distinctive garlic types and products you see here. We are NZ's third largest commercial garlic grower, and have a strict focus on quality and sustainability.

We will add further products and services as demand increases for NZ Garlic - the ultimate Superfood.


Plant, Harvest & Storage Chart

See our key dates for planting, harvesting and storing our garlic varieties in this helpful chart.


Planting Guide for 60 Cloves

Dig 3 Trenches 2m long x at least 200mm deep (we trench to 300mm) and about 150mm wide.

Add Guano or Bone Flour (or sheep pellets ) to bottom of trench at a rate of 100g per linial metre. Fill in trench with the loose soil to form a small crown. Plant cloves at 100mm apart in-row, and have at least 300mm between the rows. Plant cloves, tip up, such that 50mm of soil covers the top of planted tip. Sprinkle ‘Goods Hit Bulb Blend’ over top of planted row at 100g per linial metre.

Soil amendments are available.